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‘We have to get our last hoorah in.’ Buzzy’s Food & Spirits in Piscataway says goodbye after 33 years

Since 1990, Buzzy’s Food & Spirits has served hundreds of local patrons in its 3,300-square-foot space with a 40-seat bar and a 65-seat dining room.

Kimberly Bukowiec and Lanette Espy

Aug 10, 2023, 4:24 PM

Updated 317 days ago


A staple in Piscataway is closing its doors after 33 years. Buzzy’s Food & Spirits, a family-owned business, will serve its last meals on Saturday.
Owners Rob and Sherrie Brownlie have owned the restaurant for decades. Many in town say they will miss them.
“We have to get our last hoorah in, that's what my son said. ‘We're going to Buzzy's, my treat mom!,’” said longtime patron Victoria. “We're going to miss you guys, good luck!”
Gary Mattox, another longtime patron, says he’s devastated that the restaurant is closing. “Devastated because he makes the best chicken parm there is, don't care where you go. So, I have to come tonight and get my last one,” he said.
Sherrie's family purchased Carr's Tavern in 1990 and renamed it Buzzy’s, a nickname for their family. Since then, it’s served hundreds of local patrons in a 3,300-square-foot space with a 40-seat bar and a 65-seat dining room.
Buzzy’s co-owner Rob Brownlie says, “It's very encouraging to know that we didn't waste our time over 33 years. A lot of people enjoyed what we did, understood what our mission was.”
“It’s another chapter in our lives. It's exciting and very painful. I never thought it would be this hard,” Brownlie says. “I won't miss the work, but I'll miss the people.”
Buzzy’s employee Kristina Carbonaro says, “I met so many awesome people. I’m emotional. I love Rob and Sherrie and the whole family. They've been so good to me.”
The COVID-19 pandemic forced many restaurant owners in New Jersey to close their doors forever, change restaurant hours and downsize staff.
Fontainbleu Dinner co-owner Alexia Manolakis says it’s sad to hear Buzzy’s is closing after 33 years.
“We kind of struggled to get through it, but we survived. And just to hear someone close after so many years is just sad,” she said.
If you want one last burger or French onion soup, the kitchen at Buzzy’s will be open through 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 12. Bar service will be open until 2 a.m.

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