Wayne man denied permit to keep chickens

A Passaic County man is crying foul. He wants to raise chickens on his property so he can eat organic eggs.
Despite Victor Alfieri's intentions to eat food that he produces himself, he was denied a permit to raise the chickens in his suburban backyard due to concerns about the noise, smell, and pests. Alfieri says township officials are misinformed.
Alfieri owns a quarter of an acre. The rules in Wayne are that if you want to own two chickens you have to have at least two acres of land. With the growing sustainability movement, Alfieri says that needs to change.
Officials have put Mr. Alfieri on notice that his hens violate the law. If he doesn't comply, he could be taken to court. But he vows to work with city leaders on easing the antiquated rules, so he and others can know exactly what's in their food.