Wayne car wash gets grief over going green

The owner of a Wayne car wash is facing opposition as he tries to make his business more environmentally friendly.
Wayne Auto Spa owner Rob Burke wants to power his car wash using wind power. "We applied to put a wind turbine on our property to create more renewable energy on our site," says Burke.
The Wayne business owner has been promised state funding for his plan, but Burke still needs the city's planning board to approve the wind turbine's height. Some residents and lawmakers, including Wayne councilman and planning board member Paul Margiotta, fear the turbine will be an eyesore and increase noise pollution.
A planning board vote on the issue is scheduled for Feb. 11. Margiotta says he will not be taking part.
Burke's business received a state award in 2006 for its environmental efforts. Wayne Auto Spa already uses solar panels and a water recycling system. The business is also heated with a furnace that runs on recycled oil.