WATCH: Large cloud of pollen falls from tree

A video taken by a Millville woman has gone viral for showing just how much pollen is out in the air this spring season.
Jennifer Henderson took the video while her husband bumps into a tree with a front loader. A very large cloud of pollen forms and floats down over Henderson’s husband and the vehicle.
Many New Jersey residents say that they are dealing with bad allergy attacks now that the weather has gotten warmer around the state.
Red Bank allergist Dr. Andrew Hirsch told News 12 New Jersey that people who suffer from allergies should keep windows closed to prevent the pollen from getting inside. He also says that it is important to wash your hands and face if you have to go outside. Hirsch also said that long-term treatment plans are also an option and may be covered by insurance plans.
After the tree pollen subsides, there is also grass pollen and then ragweed in the autumn.