WATCH: The New Normal: Search for a Cure - Dr. Phil Dormitzer of Pfizer

News 12's Beth Cefalu talks to Dr. Phil Dormitzer as he sheds light on the news that Pfizer's early data is 90% effective against the coronavirus. Here's a full breakdown of important questions and answers from the interview. 
Explain the 90% effective rate
Why does it work based on small group of people?
What happens after 164 participants test positive in the trials?
Did any participants have COVID prior to the trials?
The differences between the vaccine vs. placebo
When is the next analysis?
Explain how the trial relates to different ethnic groups
How do you choose who participates in phase 3 trials?
Explain the ethnic makeup of the trial
Explain some of the challenges of distribution
How is Pfizer overcoming the distribution challenges?
How long is the vaccine effective? What happens if the virus mutates?
Does competition from other companies help or hurt the process?
Have trials on children started?
How is immunity among children and the elderly?
What about people who are hesitant to take a vaccine?
What are the thoughts on politics surrounding the vaccine?
Is the vaccine effective against those not experiencing symptoms?