Washington Township H.S. cancels hybrid learning after 250 students attend party

A party with 250 students in attendance has prompted Washington Township High School in Glocester County to cancel hybrid learning.
District officials say the party was held at a private swim club and was billed as a back-to-school get together for the senior class.
"I guess it was advertised as a kickoff celebration, and we recently had experienced the death of one of our students, and they were kind of memorializing that student as well," says Joseph Bollendorf, superintendent of Washington Township Public Schools.
One problem is that a handful of students involved in sports had been practicing and tested positive.
The district and heatlh officials are now working to determine if those students were at the party.
"In working with the health department that was a grave concern because had they attended that could've obviously help spread the virus and the students were all now due to come back into the building, which would only then spread it even further," says Bollendorf.
A letter sent to parents Sunday explained the situation. The superintendent says his intention wasn't to shame those involved or punish anyone.
"The messages that it's one thing to be responsible for yourself, but in this particular environment the responsibility goes even further because you're also responsible for those around you, whether it be other family members, friends, or in this case the very folks that you're gonna come in contact with at school," says Bollendorf.
The district is hoping to have a clearer answer in the next day or so about who was in attendance. Officials are hoping to begin hybrid learning Thursday.
Fall sports have also been put on hold.