Was a space alien killed in NJ in the 1970s? The truth is out there

A retired Air Force major claims that an extraterrestrial was once shot and killed at New Jersey's McGuire Air Force Base back in the late 1970s.
George Filer is the subject of a new book authored by John Guerra titled, “Strange Craft: The True Story of An Air Force Intelligence Officer's Life with UFOs.” The book chronicles Filer’s years spent tracking and reporting UFO's for the military in his role as an intelligence officer.
Filer says that the alien was killed one night back in February of 1978.
“So, I called the wing command post and they confirmed it. I called the security police command post, they confirmed it…The medical team was out there to see if they could save the life of the alien but he apparently was, you know, actually dead,” Filer says.
Filer now oversees the New Jersey chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a nonprofit UFO research organization. People who witness unexplained objects in the sky can upload pictures and videos of what they see directly to the group’s website.
“I get calls virtually every day about UFOs,” Filer says. “We're trying to get the information out that at least some of the UFOs belong to aliens and that they're here.”
Several of the items posted on the website over the past few months are from New Jersey. There is a video taken by a Howell Township couple last month freaking out over strange lights in the sky. There is a photograph taken by a Manchester Township man who claims a UFO landed on his neighbor’s roof. And there is a video taken by a Rahway family who claimed to see mysterious red lights above their home on Aug. 15.
MUFON says that New Jersey has reported 1,923 UFO reports since the 1990s.