Voters to decide on $2.8M referendum to bring more officers to Matawan-Aberdeen School District

Election Day will feature several New Jersey school districts asking for more money - including the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional District - which wants taxpayers to approve a $2.8 million referendum to hire more safety officers.
The extra money would fund seven new Class III police officers inside district schools, two school resource officers, technology, safety equipment and security vehicles.
If the referendum passes, taxes will go up for Aberdeen residents by an average of around $254 a year. In Matawan, crease would be on average around $287.
Voters News 12 New Jersey spoke with were split on the issue.
"I worked at a school. If they need more security and they can prove it to me…but I just found that it was a little bit too vague," said retired teacher Tom Risoldi, of Matawan.
"Absolutely, absolutely! If it can save lives, it's worth all the money. Today you hear so many things and I don't feel secure for my kids, I mean everywhere," said Eli Yamin, an Israeli immigrant and father of three children in the district.
Class III officers are retired law enforcement under 65 years old, in good standing, who can carry a firearm.
A similar referendum failed to get the votes in this district back in 2018.