Voter registration drive held at Prudential Center to mark National Voter Registration Day

The New Jersey Devils observed National Voter Registration Day with a registration drive at the Prudential Center – the location of a super-polling site in New Jersey.
New Jersey residents have until Oct. 13 to register to vote in the upcoming November election.
Tables were set up outside Championship Plaza at the Prudential Center for people to register to vote and to fill out the 2020 Census.
The Prudential Center’s main floor will serve as a super polling place for Newark residents on Election Day. The parking deck presented by Ford, located at 15 Lafayette St., will provide free parking to voters on Nov. 3.
There is a similar big push for people to fill out the census since it will determine New Jersey’s congressional representation.
Dozens of people stopped by the Prudential Center on Tuesday to register to vote. News 12 New Jersey spoke with an Irvington man who said that he believed that he registered to vote in the past but was doing so again just to make sure.
“I did not vote in the last election…I just wanted to make sure to do it this time,” John Roach says.
The state Republican Party has pushed back on the Prudential Center serving as a super polling place since Newark is a Democratic city. They are pushing for there to be another super polling site in a Republican area of New Jersey.