Vote to ban smoking in Atlantic City casinos delayed due to lack of support

A bill to ban smoking in Atlantic City’s casinos that appeared to be headed for its first vote has been delayed yet again when Democratic lawmakers said they did not have enough votes to advance it.
The bill would close a loophole in the state’s 2006 indoor smoking law which gave an exemption to casinos. Smoking is currently allowed on 25% of a casino floor in Atlantic City.
"For those who said they would support the bill, who co-sponsored the bill, and are having second thoughts, they need to wrestle with their conscience. I don’t. With that, we conclude the hearing,” said state Sen. Joseph Vitale during a Thursday meeting in Trenton.
Supporters of the bill say that a ban is necessary to prevent casino workers from second-hand smoke. Opponents say a ban would cause casinos to lose money.
Lawmakers said they would listen to alternatives proposed by the casino industry, including enclosed smoking rooms.