Voorhees high school gives some students opportunity to get COVID-19 vaccine

A high school in Camden County gave its students the opportunity to get vaccinated for COVID-19 on Wednesday, prompting dozens to sign up.
Some of the students say that they hope that this will allow school to return back to normal.
“It’s definitely weird just logging onto Zoom instead of getting on the bus and going to school every day,” says Eastern Regional High School sophomore Sasha Angeloni.
The 16-year-old says that this is one of the reasons why she decided to get the vaccine.
The Voorhees school coordinated with Virtua Health to offer the Pfizer vaccine to students who are 16 and older at the megasite in Moorestown.
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“Specifically that registered with us. We had about 100 students and it was open to all household members as well. So we had an additional 50 household members who are over with the students,” says Superintendent Robert Cloutier.
District officials say that they are not sure how many students have been vaccinated. But they say that it is making an impact.
“We had a case right before the start of one of our sports seasons and a few of the students had been fully vaccinated already, so they didn’t have to quarantine. Their sports season continued as normal while the other students who were not already 18 and vaccinated, they had to quarantine for two weeks,” Cloutier says.
With the increase in vaccinations, Eastern Regional High School is moving forward with plans for prom and outdoor graduation in June.