Vigil held in Newark to honor Black man fatally shot by police in Minnesota

A vigil was held in Newark Friday afternoon to honor a 20-year-old Black man who was fatally shot by a police officer in Minnesota.
Daunte Wright was killed on Sunday during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, near Minneapolis. Authorities say that Wright had a warrant and tried to flee from police. The officers involved says that she mistakenly used her service pistol instead of a Taser.
Those who attended Friday’s vigil are calling for peace, justice and change.
"I think that first I would call for everyone to do their work…Start reading some books. Until we start gaining some knowledge, why this keeps happening. Then we can answer how we change the system. Because we don't even know why this keeps happening. A lot of people will come to these things and say, ‘Well this is the only thing I have to do,’” says Rutgers Newark Student Body President Shakee Merritt.
Merritt says education is the key to change.