Veterans Day ceremony honors service members at Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Holmdel

A ceremony to commemorate Veterans Day was held on Thursday at the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial in Holmdel.
The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation holds the event each year, and all are welcome to attend.]
“What’s important is recognizing the sacrifices of veterans. The real heroes, those who have died for our country, as well as the rest of the veterans who are able to be here today,” says John Nugent, with the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial. “And the reason is they were willing to fight, they were willing to sacrifice their lives for the freedoms that we have today. And I’m not sure we always value the freedoms as much as we should. But these veterans, both dead and alive, were willing to fight for their freedoms.”
The names of 1,563 New Jersey residents are on the memorial wall. All but one of them are men.