Veterans Affairs: CEO of Menlo Park veterans home relieved of duties

The CEO of the New Jersey Veterans Home at Menlo Park has been relieved of her duties, News 12 New Jersey has learned.
The home has been the subject of a series of Kane In Your Corner investigations.
The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs confirms that CEO Jennifer Causer was escorted out of the building on Tuesday.
Several families told Kane In Your Corner earlier this month that the veterans home was putting their loved ones’ lives at risk by failing to provide basic care such as making sure patients were given enough to drink. Medical records showed one resident, Robert Criscuolo, was hospitalized three times for dehydration in the past six months alone.
“My husband wants the water. When he gets it, he’s so happy. It’s like you’re giving him a million dollars. And it’s simple water, a drink of water. It’s awful. It really is,” Criscuolo’s wife Paula Criscuolo told News 12.
The Murphy administration announced earlier this month that it would be taking bids from private companies to help administer the state-run homes.
This wasn’t the first time Kane In Your Corner investigated the Menlo Park facility. A 2020 Kane In Your Corner investigation exposed how poor disease control at the home sparked a massive outbreak of COVID-19. More than 100 residents died.