Veteran donates 36 acres of land to build retreat for homeless veterans

A local veteran made a generous donation to help other veterans who are dealing with homelessness and addiction.
Marty Weber says that he received a sign from God and his life partner to tell him to help other veterans. Weber donated his 36 acres of land to build a retreat for homeless veterans.
“He’d be proud,” says Weber of his life partner Jeffrey Poissant.
Poissant died in 2017 from bladder cancer. He inspired the idea Weber had to donate his land.
“We always planned on helping vets somehow. And God told me one night sitting here, help the vets, because I was going to leave the state and just retire somewhere,” Weber says.
Weber and Poissant met while they were both serving in Germany. When they returned home, they made a life together for 31 years. Weber says that he felt hopeless when his partner died.
“I didn’t know what to do. I was just lost without Jeff. Was really lost,” he says.
Earlier this year, Weber found his purpose and decided to donate his land to Just Believe Inc., a Toms River organization that helps the homeless and disenfranchised. The project started with a simple meeting with the people at Just Believe Inc.
“I met Keith and he introduced me to Paul and he says, ‘Paul helps homeless people.’ I said, ‘Why don’t we help homeless vets?’” Weber says.
Weber has big plans for the land. Along with a home, he plans to include a medical facility, a chapel and a veteran-run store. He hopes to break ground in the fall.
One the retreat is complete, veterans will be allowed to live there for up to four years to get back on their feet.