Vehicle crashes into First Care Medical Group in Verona

A vehicle crashed into First Care Medical Group at 50 Pompton Ave. in Verona.
The crash happened around 7 a.m.
Police are still trying to piece together what happened, but first responders say the driver was possibly cut off by another driver, landing her inside the front of the medical office.
Three staff members were inside when the Toyota SUV crashed into the building and into a treatment room. None of the staff members were hurt.
Dr. George Ambrosio, who owns the practice, says the intersection has been problematic for years.
“Two, three, four years ago a car hit that building, the one catty-corner to us, and so it is a dangerous intersection unfortunately,” says Ambrosio. “They try to do things about it, for example no left turn, but it’s limited.”
The car vehicle was safely pulled out of the hole. Police say the driver was evaluated at the scene by police and taken to the hospital for further tests.