Vaccine eligibility expands: Teachers, child care workers OK to get shot March 15, Gov. Murphy says

Gov. Phil Murphy says teachers, support staff and public transportation workers will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on March 15.
Murphy said Monday members of tribal communities, the homeless and those living in a shelter, including domestic violence shelters, migrant farm workers and child care workers in licensed and registered settings and pre-K through 12th-grade teachers and support staff will become eligible for the vaccine.
There are 142 school districts in New Jersey that are still fully remote, with over 500 on a hybrid schedule as it stands. Many teachers have long been pushing to get a vaccine before they step foot into a classroom again. Gov. Murphy expects the number of districts with in-person learning to gradually rise.
"We would fully expect, assuming things go the direction they're going, that we will be in person for school in September, and I will be very surprised and disappointed if we are not,” says Gov. Murphy.
On March 29, a new batch of workers will be eligible for vaccination, including the following categories: food production, agriculture, food distribution, eldercare and support, warehousing and logistics, social services support staff, elections personnel and hospitality.  
The medical supply chain personnel, postal and shipping services, clergy, and people in the judicial system are also included.
New Jersey has now surpassed two million people getting at least one shot.
It took 55 days for the state to reach one million shots, and just 20 days to climb to two million, the governor said. 
AP wire services helped contribute to this report.