Utility crews rush to complete full power restoration following storms

New Jersey utility crews have nearly completed restoring power to thousands of state residents who lost power due to two powerful snowstorms.
Residents on Central Avenue in New Providence say that they were without power for five days and worried that there would be a sixth. But then they saw the utility trucks.
"My wife has made fun of me because I've been literally standing at the window watching these trucks drive around, like a little kid on Christmas,” says resident Chris Lagana.
Utility crews from as far away as Texas came to the Garden State to help get the lights back on. The two storms took out power to over 400,000 people.
“It’s been rough to say the least,” Lagana says. “Luckily I have a generator.”
Another snowstorm is expected during the overnight hours. Forecasters say that this storm should only bring about a few inches of snow. But winds are expected to be around 25 mph.
New Providence residents say that they hope the power stays on through this latest storm.
"Im going to lose it if we get power back only for it to go out a few hours later. I'm very worried about that to be honest,” says resident Adam Smith.
A temporary shelter set up at a local New Providence gym was mostly empty Monday now that power was mostly restored. But Police Chief Anthony Buccelli says that it will stay open just in case parts of the town lose power again.
“We will see what tonight brings. We will keep the shelter open at least for tonight,” he says.
Schools were also Monday in town, after being closed for three days last week.