Upstate NY Poison Center reports increase in young children getting sick from marijuana edibles

Upstate New York Poison Center says it's seeing a nine-times increase in kids under 5 years old getting sick from eating marijuana edibles.
Data from 2019 to this year shows a six-times increase in calls from kids 19 and under.
The center covers most of the state, excluding Westchester County and lower.
The director says he thinks there are several reasons for the increase in calls, including the fact edibles are more readily available after legalization and that they often come in packs that make them look like candy.
Marijuana can have serious effects on children’s heart rate, blood pressure, stamina and breathing.
To keep children safe from marijuana edibles, make sure to keep them out of their reach, put them in a lock box and have Poison Control’s number available. That number is 1-800-222-1222.