Union County stretching studio reopens for business

Kika Stretch Studios in Summit is quite flexible in the way they do business.
“We focus on one-on-one passive-assisted stretching, helping you to increase your flexibility, range of motion and decrease your body’s tension,” says franchise owner Kamari Aykes-Debarbieri.
The studio shut down in March because of the pandemic but were able to offer virtual sessions on Zoom. But now the studio is back in business and ensuring that all clients remain safe.
“Every client receives a pre-screening before coming through the door,” Aykes-Debarbieri says.
Every client has to wear a mask and get their temperature checked.
“We’ve always been super clean…wiping down all of our mats and surfaces between every client,” she says.
Clients are also required to watch their hands after entering the facility. Clients say that they do not mind all of the precautions – clients like 13-year-old Alexa Zahtila.
“I come here because I have a goal when it comes to my flying positions in cheer,” Zahtila says.
“If you’re a high-performance athlete, you need help in your muscle recovery…if you’re someone who’s working behind the desk every day, we’re helping you to maintain your alignment,” Aykes-Debarbieri says.
Kika Stretch Studios have multiple locations across the state.
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