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Union City officials pass multiple restrictions to keep city parks family-friendly

Union City has 12 very neatly maintained parks within its borders.

Chris Keating

Dec 6, 2023, 11:05 PM

Updated 223 days ago


Union City officials have recently passed restrictions on its city parks – restrictions that are not sitting well with some.
Union City has 12 very neatly maintained parks within its borders. The city commissioners would like to keep them that way so they’ve recently passed restrictions on what people can do in those parks.
The question is have they gone too far?
There are multiple signs plastered all over the gates and fencing of Union City parks which are very clear about the rules and regulations. At Duarte Park, which houses a sprayground, there’s no ball playing, no scooters, skateboards or bicycles and no food, drink, chairs or umbrellas. The park also does not allow adults in bathing suits and or dogs.
The city commissioners passed the ordinance to keep the parks a family-friendly atmosphere.
One resident told News 12 that because of the rules, she’s never been allowed to walk her dogs in Ellsworth Park.
“I was always regretting not being able to come in with the dogs but I do understand why they’re doing this,” the resident said. “Some people don’t clean up after the dogs and it’s also safe.”
In the ordinance that was recently passed, the mayor and city commissioners state it’s, “To promote the family-friendly atmosphere of the public parks and recreation areas throughout the community and to prevent the disturbance and annoyance of persons in the public streets and parks within the city.”
The city ordinance doesn’t mention any fines for those who break the rules but it would be at the discretion of park employees to enforce the rules.

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