Uber, Lyft decision to lift mask mandate causes riders and drivers to ask – why now?

Rideshare services Uber and Lyft have dropped their mask mandates, causing some drivers and riders to ask – why now?
David Pacheco has been driving for Uber for over eight years. He says with cases on the rise, it struck him as a strange time to lift the mask mandate.
"The rise in cases in the state also is an issue, so you have to just be wary, try to stay as clean as possible," said Pacheco.
Pacheco, who also runs a private limo service, says someone in his family tested positive this week.
"They just caught it. And they've been very strict about wearing their mask as well, so that doesn't make me feel any more comfortable than prior to the pandemic," he said.
Pacheco says he'll continue wearing his own mask to protect himself and his customers.
"It doesn't make me nervous, as long as I take all the proper precautions and look out for my best interest. I do have hand sanitizer and spare masks in the vehicle if someone doesn't have one," said Pacheco.
He points out that face masks have been common in China for years prior to the pandemic.
"Being someone who's traveled and had the luxury to, it's common place. Like OK, we've finally caught on to what they've been experiencing," he said.
People News 12 spoke with in Stamford were split on the ride shares' decision to lift the mandates, with some welcoming the new sense of freedom.
"I think if we're in the back, I think if we have enough distance, it should be optional," one person said.
While others say they wouldn't be comfortable in a car with a maskless stranger.
"Unless maybe you had your windows open, but today is not a good day for that," said another resident.
Indoor mask mandates returned this week at the University of Connecticut and some other locations in the state.