Police: 2 women arrested, accused of disrupting Teaneck council meeting

While police attempted to remove one woman, they say another woman physically tried to stop police officers.

Lanette Espy

May 9, 2024, 1:58 PM

Updated 12 days ago


Teaneck police say they arrested two women at a township council meeting Tuesday night for being disruptive.
Police say Layla Graham played a loud alarm from an electronic device during the meeting at the municipal building on Teaneck Road. They say Graham refused to leave the meeting after being asked to several times.
Authorities say officers then used force to physically escort Graham out. They say she remained at the entrance to the municipal building, partially blocking it, despite officers telling her to step aside.
Police say another woman, Amanda Kearney, accompanied Graham inside the meeting and in the hallway as she was escorted out.
According to authorities, Kearney physically tried to stop the officers from removing Graham.
Following a search incident to arrest, police say a stun gun was found on Graham. Police say although stun guns are now legal for adults to possess in New Jersey, the law forbids possessing them in schools and public buildings.
Police say they told both women not to reenter the building, but a short time later both went back inside.
Graham and Kearney were both arrested for defiant trespass and other offenses. Both women were later released from custody, pending their initial appearances in Bergen Central Judicial Processing Court.

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