Tuesday’s Teacher Appreciation Week winner: LaTasha Lindsey from Morristown Neighborhood House

Every day this week, News 12 is announcing a winner for the Teacher Appreciation Week contest, and today's winner is LaTasha Lindsey from Morristown Neighborhood House.
Lindsey has been teaching pre-K there since 2005, and she says there is something special about being a part of students' early years.
"Watching their self-esteem grow, watching them become independent, and then, we still have an aftercare here for older children,” says Lindsey. “I see them later on, the children I had when they were 3 and 4, and they're like "Ms. Tasha, hi". I just love seeing them grow. I really do, and become who they are. It's very special, and it's a priceless thing. It's so important to do."
She is getting a $500 gift card courtesy of Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ.
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