Trinitas Medical Center vaccinates 1,000 residents in Elizabeth

One-thousand residents in Elizabeth received the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday at Elizabeth High School's DUNN Center.
The vaccination site is run by the Trinitas Medical Center, and it’s been one year since they treated their first COVID-19 patient.
Stations were set up for screenings, vaccinations and post-vaccine monitoring inside the gym. The hospital vaccinated 1,000 community residents against COVID-19 using the recently approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Depending on supply and location in New Jersey, it can be hard to get a vaccine. One woman who helped others get an appointment spoke to News 12.
"When I receive this link, I sent it to a bunch of people who I knew needed appointments and they all got right appointments right away,” says Bernadette Sullivan. “I think I said earlier and that made me feel great you take a breath saying OK good this is a family that's going to be able to see each other again."
The center is open only two days a week.