Trenton School District reinstates mask mandate as temperatures soar

It was a tough day for some to have to wear a face mask on Tuesday as temperatures rose into the 90s for parts of New Jersey.
Students in Trenton had to return to masking due to a rise in cases of COVID-19 in the district. A sign on Trenton Central High School read, "Please wear a face mask before entering."
“You know, COVID cases are getting high and a lot of people will come in the building and not tell they’re sick or they are coughing a lot,” says student Xiomara Rodriguez.
Rodriguez says that she doesn’t mind wearing a mask, as it provides her with a sense of security. But for others, the warmer temperatures made it difficult.
“It’s so hot, like you can’t barely breathe,” said one student.
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The city of Trenton is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. Metuchen, Montclair and South Orange have also brought back mask mandates.
"Although we have only seen slight increases throughout the district, the Trenton Health Department has recommended that we reinstate the mandatory mask requirement,” Trenton Schools Superintendent James Earle said in a statement.
New Jersey stopped mandating masks in schools back in March as vaccination among students became more prevalent and cases and the rate of transmission dropped.
But there have been surges. The New Jersey Department of Health is reporting 1,872 new cases, 14 deaths and 844 people hospitalized statewide.
It is not clear if students and staff in Trenton schools will be able to take off the masks before the end of the school year. The last day of school is June 14.