Travel agents see uptick in bookings as COVID-19 restrictions loosen

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen across the country, many are getting ready to pack their bags to travel. Travel agents say that if you are ready to escape, this is the best time to book a trip.
“Right now, air prices especially are so good and as we open up and we see more need, air prices are going to go up because they’re going to know everybody’s been waiting,” says Family Travel Boutique owner Kimberly Milnes.
Milnes says that she has seen an uptick in the past few weeks of clients calling to book vacations. She says that the trips are anywhere from Disney World to tropical islands. She says that many are also hoping that cruises will return by the end of the year.
Milnes says that many clients are asking her where it is safe to travel and how can they travel.
She says that each country has its own rules and that one of the perks of using a travel agent is that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with all the newest information.
“We have had to keep up on what are the rules for that country. They’re constantly changing and I think they’re still going to constantly change as we progress to opening up more,” Milnes says.
Milnes says that many Americans are seeing a light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel.
“We’re definitely seeing a surge in senior travel because so many of them have now been vaccinated. So, they’re really looking to stat traveling and I think as we kind of make our way down and more and more people become vaccinated, I think there’s that comfort level is going to come back,” she says.
Travel agents say that anyone looking to book a trip should buy travel insurance because each country handles the reopening process differently.