Tractor-trailer drivers pump brakes on plans to block traffic on NJ Turnpike in protest of gas prices

Tractor-trailer drivers say the sky-high gas prices are eating into earnings, and today, they tried to band together to voice their frustrations, but felt they had to pump the brakes on their plans.
The drivers were supposed to leave the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop in Ridgefield and hit the New Jersey Turnpike all together at once, blocking traffic to get attention on their struggle. But they say there were too few drivers and too many state police troopers.
"They used to pay us like $2 a mile, $3 a mile, and now, fuel prices are more expensive, but they are not paying more money per load,” says driver Jose Estevez.
Tractor-trailer drivers that spoke with News 12 say they're making about 20% less since gas prices have gone up.    
"Just breaking even,” says driver Yousuf Soufe. “I'm just breaking even. The rates have really gone down and the fuel has gone up, you know, this is really going to affect the livelihood of the trucking industry."
According to AAA, the average price of diesel is $5.29 a gallon right now. Last month, it was over $1 cheaper. Drivers say they would like to see the state bring down taxes on fuel.
"I think that they're not taking it seriously,” says Estevez. “They are not doing anything to help us."
“We keep America running,” says Soufe. “We keep the economy running. We want the common public to know and support us."
Tractor-trailer drivers say this was a warning. They say if companies do not pay them more to compensate, they will try to do this again and block the highways.