Toys ‘R’ Us stores closing for good around the country

Iconic New Jersey-based toy store Toys ‘R’ Us will close all 700 U.S.-based stores this Friday.
News 12 New Jersey crews found that many of the New Jersey stores were already closed Thursday after selling out of their stock.
Eight-year-old Angelina Perez says that she was disappointed that the stores were already closed. She arrived at the Woodbridge store armed with $20 from her grandmother to purchase a toy.
“It was closed, so I’m kind of sad,” Perez says.
Other potential customers say that they are sad that their children won’t know the joy of going to the toy store to pick out a new item.
Toys ‘R’ Us filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year due to a $5 billion debt. The Wayne-based company blamed changing customer tastes and the popularity of online shopping for its demise.
More than 30,000 employees lost their jobs due to the closures.