Toms River boy’s Christmas wish comes true thanks to police department

All Mason Dentroux wanted for Christmas was to become a Toms River police officer – even for just a day.
The 9-year-old’s family says that he began to have doubts about whether Santa Claus was real, but wrote him a letter anyway asking for his biggest Christmas wish to come true.
"I believed in him, but like not as much as, you know, as a 2-year-old,” Mason says.
But the boy says that his faith in Santa and in Christmas was fully restored after 13 Toms River police officers showed up at his house on Christmas Day with lights, sirens and Christmas music playing. They presented him with a special certificate from Santa that grants him the opportunity to spend a day as a Toms River police officer.
“It made me feel special,” Mason says.
Mason’s mother Laura Dentroux says that her son was beyond excited. She posted a video of the event on Facebook.
"The look on his face of just the pure shock and awe, was just like, heartwarming,” she says. "It really was truly amazing what they did for him."
Sgt. Chris McDowell handed Mason the certificate.
"It's nice to see the little guys that look up to the officers,” McDowell says. "He was so excited, he was in awe, he was speechless."
McDowell says he will coordinate with Mason's family to find a time for Mason to spend a day as a Toms River police officer. Until then, Mason says that he will be dreaming about what he will have the chance to do.
"Get to ride around in a car with a police officer, and just like see what they do. And like just experience it and see how fun it is,” Mason says.
McDowell says Mason will get a tour of the building and shadow an officer. They are working on putting a uniform together for him. They will also start the shift with coffee and doughnuts.