Toms River among several NJ school districts putting mask mandate on hold due to extreme heat

Wednesday was the first day of school for students in Toms River. Unlike most districts around New Jersey, wearing a mask was optional.
“They definitely should have the option, it should not be mandatory at all,” says Richard.
Parents that spoke with News 12 outside Toms River High School South are comfortable with the school district's decision to give students the option to wear masks as the school year begins. 
Excessive heat is an exemption of Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order that all districts mandate mask-wearing.
“Our school is usually very hot,” says Kylie Vannote, Toms River South senior. “So, I think it’s a good idea for classes that are super-hot. But if you’re cold, I would recommend wearing one because we’re all super-close together.”
The Lacey Township School District is also beginning the school year giving students the option to not wear a mask. 
The West Milford School District originally announced that it would also make masks optional, but changed course following a petition started by some parents. Masks will now be required.