TN students looking for postcards from New Jersey

A group of school children from rural Tennessee are looking for postcards from New Jersey.
Valley Forge Elementary school teacher Mrs. Burdick started this as a geography project for her second-grade class. The Elizabethton teacher started asking people from different countries and states to send the children postcards to help them understand how diverse and large the world is.
The postcards are posted on the walls of the school, linked to a map.
“The kids in the school love it. The parents love it. The teachers love it,” says teacher Mr. Arwood. “Where New Jersey and other states come in, as you can see the [United States] map is lacking…If you could please help us fill New Jersey on this wall, Mrs. Burdick and myself and the students will be forever grateful.”
Postcards can be sent to the school care-of Mr. Atwood at 1485 Riverview Drive, Elizabethton, TN 37643.