Thousands of customers remain without power in Middletown

Power outages across Monmouth County have sparked an increase in generator usage and calls to the fire department.
In Middletown, there are now less than 10,000 people still without power. 
Mayor Tony Perry says he knows that it has been tough on everyone.
"We appreciate the public's patience," says Perry "I know it's frustrating."
In Middletown, more than 11,000 people are without power. Mayor Tony Perry says that's about 43% of the town, prompting many people to use generators.
Mayor Perry tells News 12 that in the past two days, the fire department has responded to more than 100 carbon monoxide calls. Perry says that is typically more calls than they get in an entire year.
The mayor says for those having to deal with the heat, the ShopRite and Middletown Foodtown are providing free ice and water.
There are also cooling stations at the Middletown town hall and senior center.
"We have cooling stations right here at Middletown town hall where they can come and charge up their electronics and stay in the air conditioning or they can go to our senior center," says Perry.
In North Middletown, neighbors are helping neighbors by lending out their generators. 
"Our neighbor here is taking care of us," says Jack Belini. "Neighbor over here is taking care of the guy next door to him. So you know we're all trying to pitch in and help each other out."
Cliff Cole, a spokesperson for JCP&L, tells News 12 that 85% of customers will have power restored by Friday night. The remaining 15% of customers should have power restored by Tuesday night.
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