‘This is just the beginning’: State set for massive Super Bowl bets, but more is coming

Sportsbooks in New Jersey stand to reap the benefits of the Super Bowl now that it’s legal in the state.
People are expected to bet on anything from the winning team, to the length of the national anthem. 
From North Jersey to Atlantic City, and into cyberspace, people in the state have bet more than $1 billion on sports over six months.
"You have a safe environment to wager in,” says Monmouth Park CEO Dennis Drazin. “You're not gonna get your knees broken if you don't pay."

Drazin says Super Bowl Sunday will be the state's biggest day yet.
"But at the end of the day, this is just the beginning," says Drazin.

Like FanDuel, PointsBet U.S. has a deal with the Meadowlands, online only, but the Australian-based company says it's invested tens of millions of dollars to make its mark in New Jersey, with a high-end office in Jersey City, as well as high-end clients. 

"We offer a product called points betting, which is unique in the market," says PointsBet U.S. CEO Johnny Aitken.

"So if Tom Brady passing marker is set at over/under 350 passing yards, and he throws for 400 passing yards, you beat the market by 50 times, and you win 50 times your stake"

Aitken says they have to stand out, and that happened just this week when they offered customers credit back because of the blown call in the Saints/Rams game.

It was a decision made by the company's so called karma committee.

"I would have thought the Saints would have won and not only won but covered the line therefore the karma committee kicked in and made that ruling," says Aitken

Aitken is hoping the committee will recruit new bettors.
They have 50 employees in Jersey City, ready to move to other states as sports gambling becomes legal.