This dazzling, discounted Valentine's Day gift will bring beauty all year

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Giving your loved one the Valentine's Day they deserve requires some planning in advance, so don't settle for last-second purchases that are too often tacky, insincere, and overpriced. This dazzling gift is one that will result in smiles all year.
The Rose Box, a four-rose jewelry box, is available for a limited time, featuring an 18% discount, dropping the final price to only $89.99 (reg. $109). Make your special someone realize just how special they are with this gorgeous gift that features long-lasting beauty.
A unique and thoughtful way to express your love, this jewelry box will make the statement you're searching for, and, unlike a bouquet of flowers, it won't fade away within days.
This quartet of red flame roses come from Ecuador and are carefully preserved to stay fresh for an entire year without requiring any maintenance. No matter the season, they will burst with beauty.
The challenging realities of life in 2021 can make romantic moments difficult to find, so make the most of an at-home opportunity to show what someone means to you.
Four roses are delicately packed inside an elegant clear jewelry box, which can then be filled with future Valentine's Day gifts (hint, hint). In the meantime, with these natural roses so well-preserved, the piece will make for a great household addition, beautifying any table, desk, shelf, or vanity.
Every year on February 14th, countless people exchange roses to express themselves — and approximately 250 million are grown annually for the purpose, according to the Society of American Florists. Set yourself apart with a special touch that will last long after February.
Take $20 off the Rose Box, and cross an important to-do item off your list, while knowing you'll make this holiday one to remember.