‘This could be a child’ -- Woman watches in horror as pit bulls attack, kill her dog

Police in Barnegat Township are looking for two pit bulls who attacked and killed a beloved family pet.
The incident happened around 2 p.m. Sunday when police were called to a development on the 100 block of Redwood Drive in the Pinewood Estates section of town.
Julie Kline tells News 12 New Jersey that she was walking her leashed dog Sanford when two dogs she described as pit bulls came out and attacked.
“They just came from between two mobile homes and they just came right and attacked him. It happened so fast,” Kline says.
Kline tearfully says she watched in horror as the dogs went right for Sanford’s throat and didn't stop until he was dead. Neighbors tried beating the two attacking dogs with a shovel and pipe.
“We are doing everything we can right now, patrolling the area. We have animal control officers right now patrolling the area,” says Barnegat Township Police Lt. Jeff Ryan.
Kline is now pleading for anyone who may have information to call police.
“Please, please do the right thing and call the police,” says Kline. “You have to. This could be a child, it could be someone’s baby, other dogs. There's elderly people that walk tiny little dogs that will get hurt if they are attacked.”
Police say that they will continue to patrol until the dogs are found. Lt. Ryan warned the public to stay on guard.
“Stay away from them. If you see them, call us. Do not try to intervene, do not try to capture them,” Ryan says.
The pit bulls are described as one being gray and the other being white with brown markings. Anyone who spots them or has information about the owners should call Barnegat police at 609-698-5000.