Thief caught on camera stealing holiday snacks from porch

A Middletown resident was caught on camera stealing a box of snacks left on a neighbor’s porch.
The neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, says that she leaves a box of snacks on her front porch for the various delivery people who come by her home during the holiday season.
“I have small kids and I order a ridiculous amount of holiday gifts,” she says. “It’s a nice thing to do. I’m sure they’re hungry.”
She says that her security camera captured images of the thief taking away the basket of goodies.
“It was upsetting to me. It hurt that act of kindness,” she says.
The victim gave the video to the police who posted it to social media to help identify the thief. 
Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden says that security cameras are a great tool for homeowners to help combat crime.
“It’s useful for recording purposes as well,” Golden says. “Law enforcement can come in, grab the video, post it on social media and get some tips right away."
After the video went viral around Middletown the thief’s parents contacted the homeowner and made him return the items and apologize. No charges will be filed.
The victim says that she put a new box of snacks out within an hour after the original ones were stolen.
“I just think it’s a nice gesture. I didn’t want the UPS and FedEx [drivers] to suffer because my box wasn’t out and they couldn’t have a snack,” she says.