‘They tried to murder me.’ Hamas terror attack survivor says nothing has changed in 20 years

Sarri Singer was on a bus in Jerusalem in 2003 when a Palestinian suicide bomber struck, killing 17 people.

Matt Trapani and Eric Landskroner

Oct 11, 2023, 2:24 AM

Updated 286 days ago


A New Jersey native knows all too well the type of savagery terrorist groups are capable of.
Sarri Singer says a terrorist nearly killed her two decades ago. And now that the war between Israel and Hamas has intensified, Singer is helping others who are desperate to bring their loved ones home.
“We're not talking about military operations here. We're talking about innocent women and children. Children who are innocent, have done nothing wrong. And women being raped and children being murdered, and in the most brutal way possible,” Singer says.
Singer is a member of the New Jersey-Israel Commission.
"I've been in touch with families in Israel that can't find their loved ones, that haven't heard from them since Saturday. I've been talking to friends of mine whose husbands have been called up to serve. And this is affecting everybody,” she says.
Singer is herself a victim of terrorism. She was on a bus in Jerusalem in 2003 when a Palestinian suicide bomber struck, killing 17 people.
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"The terrorist who blew himself on my bus was an 18-year-old kid who had been recruited and radicalized by Hamas, so the same organization that is terrorizing Israel and has carried out these horrendous attacks today, 20 years ago, were doing the same thing,” Singer says. “So in 20 years, nothing has changed…They tried to murder me because I was a Jew.”
Singer says that she is also appalled by rallies taking place in New York and elsewhere justifying and celebrating the attacks.
"I ask every person that's watching this to do something, bring more kindness to the world. Do something for somebody,” Singer says.
Singer took her experience and turned it into action. She founded Strength to Strength, an organization that provides support for victims of terror around the world.

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