‘There are birds’: Enjoying the sights of birds in spring during social distancing

Perhaps a saving grace of social distancing is that it's happening in Spring, and now is the time to look at birds and find them a more welcome sight than ever.
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"Even if you're in New York City in a small apartment on a fire escape, you can still go outside and hopefully see some birds flying around," says Ringwood singer and songwriter Stephanie Seymour.
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Seymour is an avid birdwatcher, and will be participating in an annual Hawk Migration Association of North America migration count from her backyard.
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"I have my time off from work and I’m going to be just doing yard bird watching for that time,” says Seymour.

Last year, Seymour released an album last year entitled, "There are Birds.” Every song is about a different bird she's seen in New Jersey.
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"That's really the theme of my album,” says Seymour. “There are birds. There are birds, they are doing their thing, they're going about things, they do not care what goes on with us and that is just the cycle of the world. We can do whatever we want and we can be crazy about things or anxious or whatever, and they're just doing their thing. They're going about their lives, whether we look at them or whether we don't."
Right now and more than ever, it really helps to look not just at the birds, but the flowers, the bees. or whatever is blooming, buzzing or bombing outside the window -- and not caring about any troubles.
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