'The year of the woman.' - Pleasantville welcomes 1st African American female mayor

It was an historic election win for Judy Ward, who becomes the first African American female mayor in Pleasantville.
"This, I think, is the year of the woman," says Mayor-elect Ward. "I didn't even go in the room where everyone was counting and everyone was coming past me saying, Judy you killed it."
Ward worked on the City Council for 15 years and says she's happy that she will be the changing face of local politics.
"It's really about being a good person and, you know, being productive," says Ward. "You know, caring and compassion."
Ward wants to thank the residents for their overwhelming support and hopes they will follow her on this new journey.
Ward says once she's sworn in, she will look into developing the city's waterfront and increasing recreation options for youth. Ward also says she would like to have a designated senior citizens building.