The Real Deal: Packing hacks for your vacation

Travel season is now underway.
Are you guilty of over packing on trips? Taking up too much luggage space, and not using what you packed?
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal in packing hacks so you don't over pack. Below are some expert tips:
1. Roll all your garments, keep it really tight. You just roll it up. It takes up the least amount of space as opposed to folding it. You can also roll up your belt and stick it in your shoes.
2. Need to be hands free? Go with a crossbody purse.
3. Can't decide what shoes to take on the trip? Lay out your outfits and see what shoes can go with different outfits so you can pare down to maybe three or four at the most to pack.
4. Don't pack bathrobes or shampoo. Use what the hotel gives you.
5. Lighten up your wallet - take your ID, health insurance card, a credit card and your ATM card. Take pictures of your ID and credit cards. If you lose your wallet, it will be easier to recover your cards.
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