The Real Deal: This is the best day to go grocery shopping

Here’s which day is the best to go grocery shopping and how to get the most of your coupons.

News 12 Staff

Mar 24, 2023, 10:19 AM

Updated 449 days ago


Did you know the day you go shopping can affect your grocery quality and service you get? There's a certain day of the week that's better for finding fresher fruits and better deals. The service may even be better too.
If you want the best of the best, hit the market on Wednesday.
According to, Wednesday is not only when most retailers roll out their new weekly specials and coupons, but they'll most likely still take last week's coupons as well. This means double the deal. If you're looking for the freshest dairy and seafood, Wednesday also wins this category. This is when sections are newly restocked. For the best selection, get to the store as close to opening as possible.
If you can't shop on Wednesday, early Saturday morning is another good option, according to Caleb Silver from Investopedia.
"The bigger grocery stores are restocking all the time and announce specials throughout the week. But the smaller stores, they restock on Tuesdays and Fridays and you'll find specials usually the following day,” Silver said.
Wednesday is even the weekday that grocery workers are most likely to give you a little grace. Whether it's for a rain check you forgot to use, or a manufacturer's coupon you remembered for last week's sale item that's now full price, clerks and store managers are more likely to honor those discounts on hump day.

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