The New Normal: Staying safe as mask guidelines and mandates are relaxed

News 12's Macy Egeland was joined by Dr. Amna Husain to talk about ways to stay safe as mask guidelines and mandates are related.
New Jersey students can take off their masks Monday.
In the state of New York, children were able to take them off this past Wednesday. And in Connecticut, masks became optional on Monday of this week.
We're really starting to get that more "normal" feel in our day-to-day lives. But the threat isn't gone - and not everyone can get vaccinated.
Mask mandates in indoor spaces and schools specifically changed with the recent update to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mask guidelines, which looks at different levels of risk based on infection rates in each region. What is the new guidance? And with masks coming off, do pediatricians expect to see a spike in cases?
Who should still be wearing masks?
What is the latest on vaccine for children under 5?