‘The need is incredible in this area’: Locally owned pharmacies giving away COVID-19 vaccines

Doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are coming to independently owned pharmacies around New Jersey, for people who are eligible and haven't been able to get an appointment.
Plumsted Pharmacy in New Egypt just received its first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine – more than 1,000 doses. The pharmacy was one of the first three private pharmacies in the state to receive an allocation of doses.             
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The owner says he anticipates more locally owned pharmacies to have vaccines available to better serve their communities.
“The need is incredible in this area,” says Alex Toth. “Community pharmacies are one of the easiest accessible health care providers in the entire community. Patients want to come here get the vaccine, not drive an hour, hour and a half to get the vaccine and wait in lines. They want to get immunized by the pharmacist they know. "
Plumsted Pharmacies' vaccines are by appointment only, like other locations. Shots will be given out over the next two Saturdays.