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The Great Resignation: What are they looking for? We speak with an employment agent to find out

The Great Resignation leads to us wondering -- where are people going and what are they looking for?

News 12 Staff

Feb 18, 2022, 10:55 AM

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The Great Resignation leads to us wondering -- where are people going and what are they looking for? News 12 New Jersey’s Tony Caputo sat down with an employment agent to find out. 
“They want to keep learning and growing. So instead of staying with one company, they’ll go to another company that can maybe offer them more money or a better career path or better benefits or work remotely,” says Pridestaff owner Manisha Subramanian.
Those with the employment agency Pridestaff have seen the Great Resignation firsthand -- today’s generation working more for passion than for money.  
“The generation now wants a little bit more of a work-life balance. Maybe our generation or the one before we were concerned about bringing home a paycheck,” says Subramanian. “A lot of them are also living with mom and dad, so they don’t have all the costs involved.”
Pridestaff benefits as companies constantly call needing employees, but it’s certainly not without its costs and frustrations.  
“A lot of people who say they want to work, we try and place them somewhere and they either walk off the assignment or the job is not for them,” says Subrananian.

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