The Download: The Lockly Vision

Upgrading the front door of your home with smart technology has never been easier thanks to the Lockly Vision.
The Ring, which is the most popular video doorbell around, is just a doorbell and needs a separate device to actually unlock doors. The Lockly Vision is actually both products in one.
Lockly makes all kinds of smartlocks, but with Vision it's added in an advanced HD video doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell you get a notification, and then with Vision you can unlock your door from the same app.
There's no monthly subscription to save the video and it's stored locally on Lockly's Wi-Fi hub.
What makes the Lockly Vision extra special is the ways you can open it. The most obvious is the keypad, but unlike other smart locks, the Lockly's numbers move to a random location each time on the screen. That way the PIN code pattern when you press the keypad changes each time.
Lockly says installation takes only 15 minutes and the batteries will last about eight months.