The Download: Symfonisk speakers

Having a good speaker system doesn't have to be overly technical or expensive.
Ikea has high-tech wireless speakers call Symfonisk, meaning symphonic in Swedish.
Symfonisk is no ordinary bookshelf-sized speaker.
It is powered by Sonos, one of the leaders in WiFi whole-home speaker systems.
That partnership allows the Symfonisk speaker to be controlled by the Sonos smartphone app, which when connected to your home's WiFi, can stream music to an individual speaker, groups of speakers or all of them at the same time.
Ikea has designed these speakers to fit perfectly on its shelves, mounted horizontally on a wall or on special rails.
Ikea has a smart speaker that's almost hiding in plain sight and has a very unique feature -- as a table lamp.
The Symfonisk Lamp adds a warming glow to your speaker which Ikea says with music can truly help you set the perfect mood.
The speakers start at $99.