The Download: Ohmni Robot from OhmniLabs

Working remotely or via video conference has its challenges, especially if you're the one at home, and other co-workers are in the office.
But there is some cool tech that could help improve communication and productivity in the workplace - or even in an elderly relative's home.
With reduced office capacity during the pandemic and many people working from home your work space may seem awfully empty. But what if you could beam into your office, while you were safely somewhere else?
The Ohmni Robot from OhmniLabs is a telepresence robot. That means, from a computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world, an authorized person can dial into the robot, show up on the screen, drive it around, and meet with people.
The robot has two cameras, a downward facing navigation camera to see objects on the ground, and a main 4K resolution camera that allows the user to zoom in on things if needed.
The real key to a telepresence robot is the mobility and ease of interaction.
The Ohmni Robot has enough battery power for more than five hours of use and can dock with its charger automatically.
But it doesn't always have to be used in an office. Some people use them in schools, or even in an elderly parent's home for safe communication.
The robot is $2,700 and is made in the United States.