The Download: Google Pixel 5

Looking for a smartphone that has some top-of-the-line features, but not a top-of-the-line price?
Nearly two months after Samsung unveiled its flagship Note 20 smartphone, and a few weeks before Apple is expected to announce its newest iPhone, Google takes the wraps off its latest Pixel phones.
In a press event this week, Google says its new Pixel 5 will have the ultra-fast 5G cellular data service, will be water resistant and have a 6-inch super bright OLED edge-to-edge screen.
Though the processor on the phone isn't as powerful as others, Google says it will be great for its Stadia gaming service. That lower processor also allows the Pixel 5 and its new sibling the 4a 5G to range in price from $499 to $699.
What really makes smartphones sing are their cameras. Both new Pixels will have the same cameras and will use Google's highly regarded AI-powered software to make videos and photos look amazing.