The Download: DJI Pocket 2

Looking for that last-minute tech gift for the gadget lover on your list? News 12's technology reporter Andrew Ehinger shows us one super cool camera that might help you get some Hollywood-like shots.
DJI is best known for its drones. But the cameras on these aerial vehicles don't always have to be used in the air. That cinematic technology can also fit right into the palm of your hand.
DJI has taken its world-famous, three axis gimbal technology and put it into the Osmo Pocket 2. The tiny second-generation camera takes everything DJI learned in the air, and from Hollywood cinematographers who use DJI's large pro rigs to get buttery smooth shots.
The Pocket 2 has a super-wide 4K video camera with four times zoom plus has upgraded mics. But this camera is all about stabilization. The gimbal has multiple modes, and smooths out shots much better than a regular smartphone can.
It's super easy to use with its small touchscreen and thumb stick, but you can easily attach to your mobile device for even more precise and pro-level camera control.
The DJI app that runs it is also extremely powerful, and it will automatically edit your footage for easy sharing on social media.
The DJI Pocket 2 camera is $349.